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Hampshire Garage Doors

Garage Doors Hampshire

Are you fed up with your Hampshire garage door? Do you find yourself struggling to open your garage? Well thankfully for you at Empire Industrial Doors, we have a great selection of different garage doors to suit all budgets and all garage needs. So whether you would like the latest technology installed to a plain garage door, Empire Industrial doors will supply you with a high quality door. All of our doors come in a variety of different colours and finishes to match every property and personal taste. Our company has years of providing superb garage doors Hampshire has seen.

Our Hampshire Garage Doors

At Empire Industrial Doors, we believe in providing a wide range of garage doors in Hampshire to suit every customer’s needs and the needs of their property. Every Hampshire garage door will be individually made to fit your requirements and will be foam insulated so that noise pollution and heat loss are kept to a minimum. We provide the following types of garage doors:

Up-and-Over doors

This is a very popular garage door option which is easy to install and very easy to operate. It uses a simple mechanism and is suitable for many homes.

Automatic doors

An automatic garage door is a great option for customers who want to open their garage door with minimal effort. You will never have to open your garage door physically ever again.

Rolling Doors

Rolling doors are a great option for garage owners who want a door that does not take up too much room. It is also a very efficient and secure door.

Why choose our Hampshire garage doors services?

At Empire Industrial Doors, we have years of experience in providing a dependable and reliable service in Hampshire. We believe in providing our customers with a wide range of options to ensure their needs are fully met and provide a variety of features in the process. For those who had an automated door installed we offer great garage door entry features:

  • Wireless key switch
  • Keypad entry
  • Key fob

We also offer all of our customers a truly reliable service with competitive prices. Empire Industrial Doors also provides a 24 Hour callout service, in case there are any problems with your garage door in Hampshire at any time. For your information, we have been accredited by several industry bodies such as:

  • HCS Safety
  • SM and MS Contractor Plus
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Buying Force Approved

If you are interested in our Hampshire garage doors service, please contact us on 0238 061 0676 or email us at: info@empireindustrialdoors.co.uk

Hampshire industrial doors

Roller Shutter Doors Southampton

Roller Shutter Doors In Southampton

Do you need a protective and safe door to secure your property? Do you require easy access to your property? Then you will need one of our superb roller shutter doors to give your property great accessibility and security. We stock a wide range of doors to suit all the needs of our clients and their properties. For the best roller shutter doors in Southampton, look no further than Empire Industrial Doors.

The Benefits of a Roller Shutter Door

A roller shutter door provides its users with a wide range of benefits such as the following:

  • Due to the automatic function, they are extremely safe to use and you won’t have to pull a heavy door again
  • Depending on the shutter selected, these doors have great security purposes and will act as a secure barrier for your property
  • The doors have a clean and sleek appearance that adds a modern touch to any property
  • Can be employed in a wide range of properties like shop fronts, industrial units, car parks, hospitals, and many more
  • With a roller shutter door your property will benefit from a heightened level of privacy
  • Roller shutter doors can be insulated to minimise heat loss and maintain a good temperature within your property

Our Selection

At Empire, we believe in providing our customers with the right roller shutter door for their property in Southampton that matches all of their roller shutter door needs.

Aluminium Shutters

An aluminium shutter is a wonderful roller shutter option for customers who want a door with an enhanced level of security. All of our aluminium doors are easy to operate and will be tailored to your property. Aluminium shutter doors are easily installed, and the installation will cause minimal disturbance.

Fire Shutters

If you work in a high risk industry, then you will need to ensure fire hazards are contained to prevent loss of life and damage to the building and its content. At Empire Industrial Doors, we have a wide selection of shutters that have been specially developed to contain fires and are rated to local fire regulations. Our fire shutters offer protection from fire for 1 to 4 hours and will allow easy escape.

Insulated Roller Shutters

Empire Industrial Doors have a wide selection of insulated roller shutter doors to meet the requirements of your property. Our insulated doors will ensure that your property has a regular and constant temperature. The insulated roller shutter doors also have great security benefits that will ensure your property is secure at all times.

Three Phase Roller Shutters

A three phase roller shutter door is perfect for businesses that use their shutter doors constantly throughout the day particularly in unloading and loading bays. The doors are powered by a three phase motor which has an up and down button. In the unfortunate case of power failure, the three phase roller shutters come with a manual override to open and close as and when needed.

Tube Motor Roller Shutters

If you want a quick and efficient roller shutter door then our 240v Roller shutter doors are perfect for your property. They have a wide range of applications and can be used for shop fronts offering a smooth and quick entry; industrial units can benefit from the secure nature of these doors; properties with high value items will find these shutters useful; Car Parks can be covered effectively with these shutter doors.

Why Choose Empire Industrial Doors?

With years of experience in providing Southampton with roller shutter doors, our customers can be assured they will be receiving a roller shutter door of the highest quality that will be created by our expert tradesmen. We offer competitive prices on all of our prices, so that our customers can benefit from our wonderful services. Unlike our competitors, Empire Industrial offer no obligation quotes. In the unfortunate case you have a problem with your roller shutter door we offer a 24 Hour Callout Service for all of our customers so that they can relax with peace of mind.

Contact Us

For more information on our services, please contact us on 02380 610 676 or email us at: info@empireindustrialdoors.co.uk.

Security Roller Shutters Southampton

Security Roller Shutter Doors

Security Roller Shutter Doors

Does your property contain items of high value? Do you need to ensure a high level of security in your property?  Then you will need the best and most secure roller shutter door in the business. Empire Industrial Doors has provided the best security roller shutter doors for many years. In addition to our protective security roller shutter doors, we also provide a 24 hour callout service to sort out problems as and when required.

Why Choose Empire Industrial Doors?

Our company has years of experience in providing only the best and most secure security doors that money can buy. Customers can expect that during all installation and maintenance works that only expert and reliable tradesmen will be used to provide you with nothing but an excellent service.

For companies and businesses that deal with high value items or require high level security, Empire Industrial Doors offer a 24 hour callout service that will deal with all requests at any hour. As a company, we believe in the quality of our services and offer competitive prices and no obligation quotes for new customers.

Security Roller Shutter Doors we can provide

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

Aluminium shutters are a great option for many property owners as it provides a high level of security whilst maintaining easy to access function. The added benefit of choosing this security roller shutter door is that it is very easy to install. During all installation, our expert tradesmen will do their utmost best to ensure that the disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fire Roller Shutter Doors

Fire shutters are a great option for those who have a property that may be susceptible to fire for multiple reasons. Our fire shutter doors are rated by local fire regulations and can contain a fire from an hour up until four hours in a particular area. This will allow plenty of time for evacuations and for firefighters to control the fire. If a person is trapped inside the building during a fire, a fire shutter adds a good level of protection.

LPS 1175 Approved Roller Shutter Doors

The LPS 1175 Roller Shutter Doors are one of the most efficient doors on the market today. It is one of the strongest and most secure security roller shutter doors and is currently used in many government buildings, retail shops, industrial warehouse and many more. Additionally our LPS 1175 Roller Shutter Doors have been approved by many insurance companies.

 Advantages of Installing a Security Door

  • Peace of mind as you can be certain that we will install a security roller shutter door that will suit the needs of your property.
  • Many of our doors have been passed tests and will offer high levels of resistance against burglary, damage, fire and other factors.
  • All security doors provided by Empire Industrial Doors are easy to use and will provide easy accessibility to your property whilst a high level of security.
  • Security roller shutter doors act as a great deterrent to any would-be burglars, vandals and arsonists.

Contact Us

For more information on our security roller shutter doors, please contact our team today on 02380 610 676 or email us at: info@empireindustrialdoors.co.uk