Security Doors Hampshire

Security doors Hampshire

Security Doors Hampshire

Is your Hampshire property vulnerable to attack or theft? Do you want to reduce the likelihood of robbery? Then without a doubt, you will need the best security doors Hampshire has to offer. Empire Industrial Doors has provided many properties in Hampshire with the best security doors and, as a result, improved the safety of many properties.

Types of security doors we offer

Security is something we take very seriously at Empire Industrial Doors, and we believe in providing our customers with the right door for their security doors in Hampshire needs.

Steel door sets

You are probably aware that steel is one of the earth’s strongest materials. We have created a line of superb steel door sets that are suitable for a wide range of properties. By choosing to invest in one of our steel door sets, your property will be given a superb defence against a wide range of factors. Our steel doors sets are renowned for their durability and security characteristics. More information can be found on steel door sets here.

LPS 1175 Approved Doors

If you want the durability and strength of the steel door sets but a wider entrance, then our LPS 1175 Approved Doors are the perfect option for your Hampshire property. An LPS 1175 will fulfil all of the security doors in Hampshire requirements for your property. These doors have been stringently tested and have been found to be resistant to burglary and provide a high level of security. This door will enable most companies to meet their insurance needs. Read more imformation on lps 1175 approved doors.

Advantages of our security doors in HampshireSteel Performance Doors

By choosing a security door from Empire Industrial Doors will be a decision that you will not regret. You and your property will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • High level of protection
  • Burglary resistant
  • Durable
  • Deters would-be intruders
  • Items of value are protected
  • Energy efficient
  • Fireproof depending on the door

Why choose Empire’s services?

With years of experience in providing high-quality security doors in Hampshire, Empire Industrial Doors has provided properties of all types with superb security doors. All of our security doors are installed by our experienced staff who will ensure that the security door you choose meets the security requirements of your property. We offer customers no obligation quotes on all of our work and competitive prices.

So do not leave your property defenceless against intruders, call Empire Industrial Doors today on 02380 610 676 or email us at:

Hampshire Shutters

Hampshire Shutters

Hampshire Shutters

Does your property contain expensive goods? Do you want the highest levels of protection for your property? Without a doubt, you will require the best Hampshire shutters the county has to offer. Empire Industrial Doors has supplied many properties throughout Hampshire with a range of shutters to suit their shutter needs.

Our shutters in Hampshire

At Empire Industrial Doors, we are aware that every property in Hampshire has its own individual shutter requirements. To ensure that our customers’ needs are met by our company, we provide the following types of shutters in Hampshire:


An aluminium shutter will make all the difference when it is installed in your Hampshire property. They are one of the most secure and weatherproof shutters around. A key benefit for many customers is that aluminium shutters are more aesthetically pleasing than their steel counterparts. In addition, due to the lighter weight of aluminium shutters (in comparison to steel shutters), these shutters use less energy when opening them.

We install aluminium shutters on a range of properties of all sizes. So if you have a shop, bar, warehouse or loading bay, you will need our aluminium shutters in Hampshire. Read up on aluminium shutters here.


If a fire is likely to occur on your property due to the activities in the building, you will want to have fire precautions of the highest standard in place. Empire Industrial Doors can install a wide range of fire shutters that will protect lives and property.

All fire shutters are made from steel lath and are rated to the latest fire regulations. The fire shutter will be wired up to your fire alarms and will shut down providing protection from fire up to 4 hours. So if you want to read more about how you can protect your property today, read here on fire shutters.

Insulated roller

Insulated roller shutters are one of the most diverse shutters we offer our Hampshire customers. It can be installed on a wide range of properties such as garages, loading bays, shops and more. Choosing an insulated roller for your property will give your property a traditional but modern look. The huge benefit of this shutter type for many customers is that it provides thermal protection and protection from noise when closed. Click here for more information on insulated roller shutters.

Three phase roller

Will the shutter on your building be in continuous use throughout the day? Then our three phase rollers are perfect for continuous use in large buildings. Powered by a three-phase motor with all the facilities you need like a stop button and manual override, this type of shutter is great for loading bays and warehouses that are in constant use. Read more here on three phase roller shutters.

Tube motor

Tube motors can be used for a variety of different buildings like shop fronts, car parks, covering off desks and many more. It is a diverse shutter, and we can install it in the size and fashion to suit your shutter needs. For more information on tube motor shutters read up here.Empire Hampshire Shutters

Why choose our Hampshire shutters company?

Empire Industrial Doors has years of experience in providing customers with the best Hampshire shutters to suit the needs of every customer and their property. By selecting our company, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • 24/7 call out
  • Dedicated and experienced staff on all installations
  • Best shutters in the business
  • Competitive prices
  • No obligation quotes
  • Repairs carried out on-site

So if you want the best shutters Hampshire has to offer, call 023 8061 0676 for more details on our shutters.

Hampshire Fire Doors

Hampshire Fire Doors

Hampshire Fire Doors

Do you want to ensure your property is given maximum protection? Is there a high risk of fire occurring in your property? Then you will need one of our Hampshire fire doors today. Empire Industrial Doors has supplied many properties in Hampshire with the best fire doors on the market. So don’t leave it to chance, call our team today, and we will ensure your property is protected from the event of fire.

Our fire doors in Hampshire service

Empire Industrial Doors supplies the best selection of fire doors and fire shutters in the county of Hampshire. Fire is a destructive force that can cause a lot of heartache and damage. We have supplied a plethora of fire doors to many satisfied customers in Hampshire. Regardless of your property type or size, we have the perfect selection of fire doors and shutters that will fit your property perfectly. For ultimate protection during a fire, we recommend to our customers that they invest in our steel door sets.

When you choose a door, we will work with you to ensure that all doors you choose are suitable for your needs and suits the interior of your property. All doors are fitted alongside strong, fire-resistant frames which can match your door if required. So whether you have an industrial, commercial or domestic property, you will need the best fire doors for your Hampshire property. Our company has a huge surplus stock and dedicated staff who will work around the clock to ensure you receive the best Hampshire fire doors.

All Hampshire fire doors installed by Empire Industrial Doors will be of the highest quality, and you can be certain that it will play an important part in your property’s defence against fire. Due to the quality of workmanship and stock, our company has established a superb reputation in Hampshire.

Benefits of our fire doors Hampshire service

At Empire Industrial Doors, we believe that by choosing our company you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • 24/7 callout emergency services
  • Quick repairs conducted on-site
  • Expert staff on every installation
  • Fully sealed fire doors
  • Heightened protection from fire
  • Fully sealed fire doors

Why choose Empire Industrial Doors?

Empire Industrial Doors has years of experience in supplying the best Hampshire fire doors to a diverse range of customers. As a company, we are dedicated to ensuring that every property we work is equipped with the best fire doors in Hampshire; thus protecting lives and property in the event of fire.

All fire doors installations will be conducted by our team of expert staff who will make sure that your door fits perfectly in your property.

Contact us

Reduce the impact of fire on your property and call Empire Industrial Doors today on 023 8061 0676 for the best Hampshire fire doors.

Hampshire Fire Doors

Fire Doors In Hampshire

Fire Doors in Hampshire

Is your property protected from risk of fire? Without a doubt, you will require the best fire doors in Hampshire for your property. Empire Industrial Doors has supplied the best fire doors the county has seen. We have over 10 years of experience in providing an unrivalled fire door installation and provision in Hampshire.

What to expect from our fire door Hampshire service Fire Doors In Hampshire

Our company has established a fine reputation throughout the county of Hampshire. The quality of our fire doors in Hampshire service has seen our company awarded prestigious contracts and increased business that has stemmed from recommendations by previous customers. Over the years, we have provided quality fire doors for some major blue chip clients in the UK.

Our fire doors and fire shutters are made from high-grade steel which has been thoroughly tested and approved for its fire protection qualities. Testing has shown that our Hampshire shutters can provide protection against fire from 60 minutes up to 4 hours, so you can guarantee that your colleagues and customers will be safe should the worst happen. When installing Hampshire fire doors, we also provide a back-up battery for that added level of security.

Empire Industrial Doors has supplied a superb selection of fire doors to a wide range of properties in Hampshire including industrial, domestic, and commercial buildings. We ensure that every door we install is made to fit your property perfectly in order to provide maximum fire protection. You can be assured that our fire doors will meet all the relevant fire legalisation and regulations as per for every building.

Every company has its own unique branding, which is why we give you the freedom to customise your steel fire doors during the manufacturing process. We can apply powder or galvanised coating in a range of different colours to suit your company’s image. No matter which design you choose, your building will be fully protected against fire hazards for many years to come.

All doors and frames supplied by Empire Industrial Doors are of the highest quality. We are dedicated to fitting every door seamlessly into its matching door frame so that this creates the protective seal that is required during the unfortunate event that a fire occurs in your building. The seal plays an important in a line of protection from fire.

Why choose Empire Industrial Doors?

When you choose our fire doors service, you have the peace of mind that you are choosing a name you can trust. Empire Industrial Doors has dedicated itself as a company for over ten years to ensure that all types of properties in Hampshire are fitted with the appropriate and relevant fire doors. All of our fire doors are designed to meet the latest British standards and to comply with all health and safety regulations.

Are your existing Hampshire fire doors faulty? We provide a quick repair service to resolve any issues and minimise downtime for your property. Our 24-hour call out service is ready for when an emergency arises and you need a solution as soon as possible. We will come equipped with a large stock of spare parts and industry standard tools so that we can repair your doors as quickly as possible.

By choosing Empire Industrial Doors, you will benefit from the following:

  • All fire doors customised to your property’s needs
  • Prompt reactive service
  • Competitive prices
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • 24 hour and 7 day a week support service

We provide comprehensive prices so you will not be greeted by any hidden costs in your final bill. Empire Industrial Doors are proud to provide some of the most competitive prices on the market so you will struggle to find better value for money elsewhere. Just get in touch and we will be happy to assess your property and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

All Hampshire fire door installations are carried out by our qualified and experienced staff who have many years’ combined experience in the industry. Our extensive knowledge of fire safety means that we can answer any questions you may have about fire doors and how they work. We can also make informed recommendations on the best fire shutters for your requirements.

If your property has specific fire door needs, Empire Industrial Doors has the skills and knowledge to enable your company to pass all relevant regulations. Regardless of how big or small your building may be, we will ensure that all doors are installed to the highest possible standards. Additionally, if you have a large building that requires more than one fire door, we will be happy to upgrade all doors in the property.


See our gallery for examples of fire doors we have installed recently for customers across Hampshire and surrounding areas.

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For more information regarding our fire doors in Hampshire, please do not hesitate to contact our team today on 023 8061 0676.