Southampton Shutters

Southampton Shutters

Southampton ShuttersShutter Installations Southampton

Are you looking for quality Southampton shutters to provide security for your business?  Empire Industrial Doors will supply superb Southampton shutters for your property. On all jobs, we will supply an experienced team to fit bespoke shutters. With over five years of experience, we guarantee customer satisfaction across the South.

Our shutters in Southampton services

We pride ourselves in being a lead investor to your business by protecting you with the most secure shutters in Southampton. You can be confident that our shutters will give your property high level of protection. We supply the following range of shutters:

Aluminium Shutters

Whether you own a shop, bar or warehouse, Empire Industrial Doors has the perfect aluminium shutters to safeguard your business. Its light-weight body will allow you the ease of access you desire. Fitted to your needs our shutters will be installed efficiently and effectively to give you the security you require.

Fire Shutters and Fire Curtains

It is important that your company invokes regulated health and safety procedures. By choosing our fire shutters and curtains, you will receive complete peace of mind that your employees and property has the highest level of security.

Each shutter is tested before installation to ensure it meets the regulations. The shutters are wired to your alarm systems so we can promise that if the worst should happen you can be sure that you are thoroughly protected.

Insulated Roller Shutters

Empire Industrial Doors produces innovative door systems that are a modern twist on insulated roller shutters; it ensures your property has a stable temperature.

Insulated roller shutters are perfect if you are looking for ease of access to your building and with its smooth transition these shutters will be desirable for someone looking for thermal and noise protection.

Three Phase Roller Shutters

Do you work in a large, busy and demanding environment? The three phase roller shutters are ideal for those who are constantly transporting products.  As these shutters are motor operated, they can be controlled through the push of a button. An emergency safety break and an override option will also give you the peace of mind if there are any sudden problems.

Tube Motor

Are you looking for a shutter that will provide you the safety your business needs? Whether you are based in a commercial or office building, our tube motor shutters will ensure the security of your premises. Whether you need reparations or want it installed from scratch, the shutters Southampton’s Empire Industrial Doors provide will be of high quality.


Follow this link to our gallery to see the bespoke designs of shutters we provide.

About Empire Industrial Doors

Empire Industrial Doors is a professional and experienced team with a proven track record of providing the most secure doors and shutters in the South. They offer a range of innovative and robust designs aimed for commercial, domestic and industrial trades. From brand new installations to maintenance, Empire Industrial Doors provide efficient and secure services.

If you are looking for the top shutters in Southampton, Empire Industrial Doors will ensure:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 24 hour support
  • After sales and support service
  • Free and competitive quotes

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Commercial Doors Hampshire

Commercial Doors Hampshire

Commercial Doors HampshireBespoke Commercial Door Services In Hampshire

Do you need new doors for your commercial property in Hampshire? Look no further than Empire Industrial Doors for a complete service that ensures all of your commercial doors Hampshire needs are met. All doors will be installed by our qualified and experienced staff who will ensure your door fits your property and needs perfectly. In addition, we provide a 24/7 Emergency Call Out service for those commercial door emergencies.

Our Hampshire commercial doors services

At Empire Industrial Doors, we provide the following doors suited for commercial properties in Hampshire:

Automatic doors and entrances

Automatic doors are essential for businesses with a high volume of foot traffic and allow easy access to your commercial property in Hampshire. Empire Industrial Doors stocks a range of automatic doors and entrances to suit the needs of every customer in Hampshire. Whether you go for a swinging, revolving or sliding automatic door, all doors will be installed by our dedicated team of staff.

Glazed sectional doors

Do you require quick and secure access to your commercial property? A fully customisable glazed sectional door from Empire Industrial Doors is perfect for a wide selection of businesses like:

  • Fire stations
  • Loading/Shipping docks
  • RV/Boat storage
  • Service stations
  • Warehouses

All glazed sectional doors supplied by our company are fully motorised and come with manual pulleys.

High speed PVC doors and curtains

Do you need rapid and quick access? A high speed PVC door or curtain may be ideal for your commercial doors Hampshire needs. Empire Industrial Doors will create a bespoke high speed PVC door or curtain that will serve all of your property’s needs. Our doors will provide your property with the following benefits:

  • Fast opening
  • Resistance to wind and impact
  • Heavy duty opening

Insulated sectionals

Insulated sectionals are a superb option for customers who want added protection for their property. Read more about our insulated sectionals here.

LPS 1175 Approved Doors

LPS 1175 Approved Doors are one of the strongest doors available for commercial properties in Hampshire and suited for buildings of all types. Not only is this door one of the best of its type for security purposes, it is also extremely useful in the event of a fire.

Door sets

At Empire Industrial Doors, we also supply hard-wearing door sets customised to suit the needs of every commercial property in Hampshire.

If a particular commercial door in Hampshire you require has not been listed, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. The above list is only a brief outline of what Empire Industrial Doors will provide your property.

Benefits of choosing Empire and our commercial door servicesHampshire Commercial Doors

  • Bespoke door installations
  • 24/7 call outs
  • Prompt service
  • No obligation quotes
  • Competitive prices

Call us today

Call the garage door company Empire Industrial Doors today on 023 8061 0676 for more information on our commercial doors in Hampshire services.